Answers To Common Criminal Law Questions

Many people have common criminal law questions. They might get arrested for the first time and hopefully the last. Or it could be that a loved one has been arrested and is trying to bond out of jail. Are you searching for an attorney? While you can certainly get your questions answered by an attorney, you can also take to online resources. Many attorneys have an online presence anyway and make a habit of answering common legal questions on the web, like these profiles on social media: LiveJournal, Facebook and Twitter.

In this instance, we are talking about criminal law and charges that you or a loved one might be facing. What are some of the more common questions that you and everyone else out there might be asking? Well, many people get charged with a misdemeanor, and they ask about jail time. Perhaps that is what you are worried about at the moment.

Being charged with a misdemeanor can certainly mean jail time, especially if you don’t bond out of jail prior to your court date. Maximum jail time for a misdemeanor is going to be up to one year. While you can indeed face jail time, sentences for misdemeanors are often suspended. You do want to be sure, however, and if this isn’t your first offense, you want to make sure that this misdemeanor charge isn’t turning into a felony.

You will find out the answers to many of your common criminal law questions online, and then you can take the rest of them to your attorney. If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer, you certainly want to know how they can help. That is one of the most commonly asked questions. People want to know what criminal lawyers can do to help them or what resources they have to help. If you want help with a case, we highly recommend this lawyer: Austin Hansley.

Another common question that people ask in regards to criminal law is whether or not police really say you have the right to remain silent. That may sound funny, but people really do ask this question all the time. Maybe it is a question you had planned to ask and whether or not you can also stay silent in court.

Also, people wonder about the ability to pay for a lawyer and the right to legal counsel. Indeed, you do have a right to legal counsel, and therefore, you are granted a public defender if you can’t afford an attorney.

The judge will make sure you have a defense lawyer if you need one. However, do you really need one if you are charged with a simple misdemeanor? It really depends, and it can depend upon circumstances you aren’t aware of yet. Therefore, I suggest you do the following if you aren’t sure.

What I suggest is that you schedule a consultation with a lawyer. Ask the lawyer what he or she can do for you. See what your options are. If you aren’t pleading guilty, well, then you definitely need a lawyer. However, you might even need the assistance of a criminal defense attorney if you are pleading guilty, too.